Destination Docklands



Royal Docks, to be precise. This historic area, which played such an important role in building London’s wealth and eminence, has been reinvented as a dazzling new residential district.


This is an area with unique character and Riverside is designed to respect and reflect that. Architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios have brought the scheme to life by using robust, warehouse-style materials. Deep solid brickwork, recessed areas and panels produce that authentic, handcrafted feel. Buildings on the water’s edge have dual aspect views, while recessed balconies provide shelter from the elements and offer 180-degree views of the river. In time we plan to add cafés, shops, a gym – bringing even more life to the destination. It’s exciting stuff.



  1. Proposed Restaurant

  2. Lockside Kitchen

  3. Co-operative store

  4. Concierge

  5. Sales Gallery

  6. Management Office

  7. RAW Labs

  8. Proposed Gym

  9. Proposed Nursery

  10. Retail

  11. Bow Arts

Rich history

When it comes to creating a new place, it’s important to remember its roots and how a new identity has evolved.


 Collectively Individual

Notting Hill Genesis is one of London’s leading housing providers with a rich and innovative history.

We work in many different areas and a key purpose is the long-term successful management of thriving communities. The organisation has joined forces with other like-minded companies to bring their vision of regeneration and building sustainable places to life at Royal Albert Wharf.

Bow Arts has developed community spaces for residents to interact and socialise and they’ve provided artists with bespoke, affordable studios to get creative in. The Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency has launched Lockside Kitchen, a restaurant and cafe that also has a strong social purpose, empowering entrepreneurs to develop their food business through practice and training.

Every business here shares the same vision, including the local Co-operative supermarket – a brand that’s focused on a ‘different, fairer and better way of doing business’. Through
a shared ethos, the organisations have created an accessible neighbourhood that encourages its residents to grow from within and provides space for individuals and businesses to thrive.